Sunday, November 11, 2012


a long overdue post about NC.

 here I am in the lovely brown waters of the swimmin' hole, soaking up all that earthy inspiration.
 and here I am spraying some drawings outside of the house. What a beautiful building.
                                               some of the things I was working on.
from the top of a small mountain near where I was staying. the top is just covered in these long grasses with no trees around, so you can see the surrounding mountains from 360 degrees.

                    my work space and some of the photo transfers I started.

It is strange that while I was staying there I felt like I wasn't doing nearly enough. I spent the week enjoying the scenery and lovely things that only an area like that has to offer, making work, and beating myself up about not making more work. But it was only a week. So I am overall satisfied with my first residency experience.

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