Monday, June 25, 2012

keeping my hand in it

Most nights these past weeks have been spent in the gallery filming with Ethan. Quick 5 minute drawing that is a result of down time and the time it takes for him to change the film in the camera. It feels good to be making things. Also came up with some ideas for next week while I am at Azule. I will try to post often as I always enjoyed using this as a project and "in progress" blog as opposed to finalized ideas and works. HAVING A GOOD TIME, HAVING A GOOD TIME.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time lost.

So much time passes between updates. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing at all. All of the things that I have to do everyday feel so unimportant sometimes compared to what I need to do to be okay. My job, my apartment, my entire life full of appointments and bill payments... I thought I was working toward getting more time to create. Instead I find myself stretched too thin, any creative energy I have is sucked out of me on problem solving at work. I come home uninspired and mad at myself. Lately I have been taking pictures. I am constantly doing this. It has been almost a year now where I document my life almost obsessively. And it isn't anything important, it just is. When I feel like I'm losing time and I can't slow down and take in my environment, I find myself documenting it. You are here. You moved this over here. Now you are doing this. It is something to be doing. Expect real updates in the future. I am trying, really I am.