Wednesday, December 9, 2009

& 2 more...

from "There Are Many Ways to Suffocate" series.


I did a painting? I have legs like a diamond? And forts make me feel bigger in smaller space?
I can control my surroundings, but little else.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've got some figuring out to do.

I am a writer. No, I am an artist. A concept artist. Or was it a printmaker? Didn't I love ink-stained hands? The impact of it all, the record of the print on my own body. My own body is the body of work? No, I paint. I love the texture when I paint. It is because I don't know how to paint. And fabric, don't even get me started on fabric. It is like paint, but fleshier, flexible; I could have a love affair with fabric. And sculpture, am I a sculptor? I swear I am not, but look at this 3 dimensional form presenting itself, I'm not going to flatten this out, am I?


Taken before the opening for 'Collaborative Loneliness: The Works & Collections of Amy Moore and Jenny Weiss' on Monday, November 30th.


There are many ways to suffocate.