Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time lost.

So much time passes between updates. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing at all. All of the things that I have to do everyday feel so unimportant sometimes compared to what I need to do to be okay. My job, my apartment, my entire life full of appointments and bill payments... I thought I was working toward getting more time to create. Instead I find myself stretched too thin, any creative energy I have is sucked out of me on problem solving at work. I come home uninspired and mad at myself. Lately I have been taking pictures. I am constantly doing this. It has been almost a year now where I document my life almost obsessively. And it isn't anything important, it just is. When I feel like I'm losing time and I can't slow down and take in my environment, I find myself documenting it. You are here. You moved this over here. Now you are doing this. It is something to be doing. Expect real updates in the future. I am trying, really I am.


  1. Yo Champ! Your Alive! We are all in the same boat of shit after college...gotta make life your art, ol' pal...or be a vagrant asshole like me and abandon everything for a motorcycle and the open road...i wouldn't advise it though...peace easy Amy-inator!


  2. I am so glad to hear from you! Yes I feel that things are a bit stale lately but i am doing what i can to stay sane and make what i can. ((I do have motorcycle daydreams sometimes)) Stay well! Let me know if you find yourself back on this coast!