Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letting go...

I am very excited by the participation in the "Lesson In Letting Go"* piece that is currently in my studio.
For anyone who has yet to participate, I encourage you to stop by at some point and partake, should you feel inclined.
Here is how it works:
Go to my studio, sit in the chair in front of the mirror, and think about the following question:
When you have found something appropriate to let go of, write it on one of the tags. Then, cut a lock of hair and place it in one of the bottles and tie the tag around the neck of the bottle.

Another thing that I would like to see happen would be for you to bring tiny relics of what you are letting go of and leave them behind.
For instance, it could be a letter to someone, a letter to yourself, a tiny object that symbolizes your act of letting go, something that reminds you of or is linked to what you are letting go of, etc.
(Let me know if that needs to be clarified.)

Thanks everyone, I love you all for sharing with me how beautiful you all are.

*"A Lesson In Letting Go" will be on display in the upcoming THIS NEVER HAPPENED show at the 301 Gallery on Cabot St. The opening is Wednesday, May 5th from 6-8 pm.

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